Youth Ministries

Who am I? What am I going to do with my life? Why do I feel like something is missing?
Engage, the youth ministry of FUMC, seeks to provide a safe space where you(th) can ask these and other questions. Our mission is to: critically engage youth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through service, study and community. In other words, we are a group of people seeking Jesus Christ amid the imperfections of our lives and communities.

In addition to Sunday School, the middle school youth meet on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:00PM. The first half hour is open gym with the senior high, and the rest of the time is spent doing various activities including: discussing the Bible and life, serving at the St. Francis House or Feeding South Dakota, playing games together and supporting each other through prayer and community. If you are in 6th-8th grade come join us any time!

The senior high youth meet on Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:00. Our meeting time, after open gym, usually consists of a mixture of: engaging the Bible and culture (through study, discussion, watching movies, etc.), having fun, getting to know each other and helping carry each other’s burdens. On any given night we have students from 6 area high schools who have different interests, hopes and struggles—but we are all united by our love for Christ. We also have been seen serving our community: painting the Summit House, playing with kids at the Bowden Youth Center, or serving at the banquet.

Additionally, each year both groups go on mission trips, ski trips and any other adventures we can think of, both near and far. One of our guiding principles comes from Wendell Berry: “Every day, do something that won’t compute. Work for nothing. Love someone who does not deserve it. Take all you have and be poor.” We will discover together how the radical teaching and life of Jesus Christ helps us discover who we; and that knowledge frees us to live lives of love to the glory of our Lord, Jesus Christ.