First United Methodist Church has many areas of ministry to help develop disciples of Christ. Some include: 


Ministries of Education and Spiritual Development:

  Children & Youth

Volunteers in ministries of education and spiritual development of children and youth should be able to communicate with them, enjoy being present with them, be non judgmental, flexible, have the gift of patience and a passion for helping our church family fulfill the vow we make at baptism. Click here to get involved, or learn more about the  youth program or children's progaming.

Ministries Education and Spiritual Development: Young Adult & Adult

Volunteers in ministries of personal and spiritual development for young adults and adults should be able to “think out of the box”, be aware of what it means to live a Christian life on a daily basis (at work, at play, in our families). To get invovled: click here.


Ministries of Outreach and Nurture

Volunteers in ministries of outreach and nurture should be able to form personal relationships that help people feel good about themselves, build confidence and not grow discouraged in their physical and faith journey.To get invovled, click here. 

Ministries of Music and Worship

Volunteers in ministries of music and worship should be persons of deep faith who are visionary and forward thinking while also appreciating tradition.To get involved, click here.

Ministry of Hospitality and Fellowship

Volunteers in ministries of hospitality and fellowship should enjoy people; be comfortable meeting/greeting people whom they do not know; be able to introduce visitors to others in the church family; and be familiar with our church facilities and programs from greeting on Sunday Morning to visiting newcomwers, there are lots of oppurtunities. To volunteer in Hospitality click here.